How to setup broadcast games with Beam on Xbox One

With the Creators Update, users are able to stream your favorite games to Beam on Xbox One with the world or watch their streaming video,. Microsoft’s Beam service like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and make the console to add the ability to interact and play along together. Here is the guide for configuring and using Beam on Xbox One.

How to access and setup Beam broadcasting settings on Xbox One
1. Press the Guide button and open the Settings app, and click on Preferences.
2. Select the Broadcasting option in the right pane,
3. The next page show many options for you, such as change your video and audio quality, system volume, Mic on, and Mic volume.

How to Beam broadcast on Xbox One
1. Once you’ve done the above method, press the Guide button and scroll down to press the Beam streaming button, then select Broadcast your game.
2. Edit your broadcast title, choose if you decide to set your microphone, Camera, and Chat to turn on during the broadcast.
If you need to change the location for the camera and overlay, click on the Move broadcast overlay to choose where you’d like your broadcast overlay and chat to appear, and then click Done button.
3. Finally click on Start broadcast button to begin your broadcasting to Beam. However, the game DVR function will be not working during you are doing that.

Link: How to fix Beam broadcast not working on Xbox One

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