Microsoft edge crashes and freezes on Xbox one problem

I was able to watch videos with no interruption for two weeks, but now the edge app crashes on after a few minutes of video playback in Facebook or Youtube on my Xbox One with the last system updates. I use all resolutions with 360p, 720p, 1080p, 4k and do multiple hard resets and it is still not working at all. That makes the Microsoft Edge unusable.

Many people have reported that Microsoft edge always crashes on Xbox one without any error messages or anything. I search google to get results and edge suddenly freezes up, restart itself then returns to the home screen. However, the Edge works fine on my Windows 10 computer and smartphone on the same WiFi connection.

Edge also becomes not responding or doesn’t load contents when I access the webpages, and randomly displays HTML 5 is not supported on web player videos.

It is annoying that Edge still has many bugs and glitches on Xbox One. One useful method is to do a full system reboot. Hold the power button on the front of the console down for about 10 seconds to turn the device off fully, and the light will be amber. Wait for minutes then use the power button to turn it on again and everything should become normal.

One thought on “Microsoft edge crashes and freezes on Xbox one problem

  1. Brian

    Same with me!!! The hardset doesn’t work. Microsoft. I spend $300 on this stupid shit and can’t even watch a movie without being kicked off


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