Xbox one Beam streaming is unavailable and not working

The latest update is integrated with Beam game broadcasting directly on Xbox one. Now users not only stream on Twitch or YouTube with some additional hardware like capture card and software, but also do that with Microsoft’s newly live streaming service Beam with new Guide. However, when I click on the Beam button to start the process on my console, it reports that the streaming is unavailable please try again later.

Many people have got the new update from Microsoft to use Beam Streaming technology on video game console but a few people have faced the issue. If the Beam streaming is unavailable and not working on Xbox one, you could try any of the tips to troubleshot it and get rid of that.

How to fix Beam streaming is unavailable and not working on Xbox one
* You need to change your privacy setting with your Xbox One for allowing Broadcasting gameplay.
Open the browser to access page, and login to your account. Then select the “Xbox One Online Safety” tab, scroll down to Broadcast gameplay option and set it to Allow.
* Make sure the Beam service is working well. If it is down or maintaining, you are not allow to connect with it.
* You might signed up for Beam through there website and connect your gametag before you can stream. On beam webpage, I think that you need to use your Microsoft Account and your Xbox Live details to sign up to the service and authenticate that or link your existing Beam account with an existing Microsoft/Xbox account, and accept responsibility.

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