How to create, join and leave a Club on Xbox One

The Clubs gaming communities allows players to post Looking For Group ads, use the membership roster to make parties easily and share feed for game clips and screenshots. You are able to get the social experience across Xbox One and Windows 10, without creating and organizing many activities on third part websites. Here are how to tips for that.

How to create a Club on Xbox One console
* In the right of the main dashboard, go to the Community Tab, and select Clubs option.
* Click on Create a Club button, enter a unique name used for a club. Xbox Live only allows you to use this name once, so you’d better choose one carefully.
* Then configure your club’s visibility and additional information (like Description, Background image and tags). To let anyone view and join, select the Public Clubs, as well as to let members only read the content, pick up Private Clubs. Or you can set ti to Hidden Clubs , so people who have been invited only see that.
* If you play a types of games in your Club frequently, just associate the Club with this specific games. To edit all imformation on homepage, click Customize button.

If you found a Club useful, try the method:
* Within the Community Tab, select “Clubs on Xbox”
To Join a Club on Xbox One
* Click on Find a Club, type in the Clue name you want to join.
* Or you can also browse Clubs with a combination of by game or by tag. Click either Choose games or Choose tags option, select one Club, and press request invitation.
To leave a Club on Xbox One
* Select the Club you wish to leave
* Under the Club Information tab, click on the “Leave this Club” option.

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