How to create Looking for Group post to Xbox Live on Xbox One

Xbox One not only get addition to the new UI and Beam streaming, but also getting a Looking for Group feature in the latest updates. After doing online multiplayer matches based on personal preferences on Xbox Live, gamers can find your closest friends into a single session. If you would like to find other online teammates, try the method to create a post on Looking for Group board.

How to create a Looking for Group post to Xbox Live on Xbox One
Note: Make sure you have installed and upgraded to the latest Update on your console. You can open All Settings, and go to System > Console Info & Updates and check if the system is up to date.
* Double-tap the Xbox button on your wireless controller to open the guide menu.
* Go to the Parties tab, and select Looking for Group.
* From the list, choose one of your recent titles game. If there are too many items to find out, you could type the name in the search bar to locate it.
* In the official Looking for Group page, tap on Create Post button at the top right-hand corner.
* Now the group requires you to input the related information that will publicly displayed on your listing, such as time slots, and other preferences. Though those things, the most accurate group members are easily to be found.
* Finally tap on the Create Post button to publish your post to Xbox Live on your console.

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