How to enable Game Chat Transcription on Xbox One

The recent Windows updates bring some new features to Xbox One . To get a more accessible gaming experience while you are playing video game with multiple gamers, Microsoft rolls out the Game Chat Transcription to console and Windows 10 PC. It comes with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities and is available in Halo Wars 2 since now and here is how to tip for that.

How to activate Game Chat Transcription on Xbox One
Note: Game Chat Transcription speech-to-text capability is limited to Halo Wars 2 currently, and will work with more game. It is not a part of the party chat option.
* Navigate left on the Home screen to open the Xbox Guide, select the Settings, and then select All settings.
* Go to Ease of Access > Game Chat Transcription.
* From there, you can enable Speech-to-text feature to transcribe other players’ voices into text. You might be not sure what others are saying. When all voice communications in the game chat are turning into text, it is easy to read the text message on the screen in real-time for everyone. Due to a variety of factors, sometimes it is a brief lag for that and it doesn’t work well when there os background noise in the room.
* Or you can enable Text-to-speech feature to turn your chat text into aloud audio and play to other players, and then choose one of the available voices you would like to use from list to apply with the your chat voice. With the feature, you are able to hear their typed text spoken aloud, without having to read the text.

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