Parental control setup screen time limits for child on Xbox One

Windows 10 Creators Update officially brings improvements and many new features to the Xbox One and Xbox One S platform, such as new Guide, Narrator, Beam game streaming, gameplay via Cortana and updated Parental control. To help child stay safer online, the Console has added the ability to limit screen time for Child in your Microsoft Family. Here is the tutorial for limiting your child in your Microsoft family to use Windows devices.

To help kids not spend too much time playing video game in the Xbox One, you’d better set screen time limits. Now you must manage screen time via a separate website and you can also view reports of kids’ online activity from there.

* Open the web browser, go to the site, and sign in your Microsoft account.
* Click on the “Screen time” link for the child’s account at the right side.
* Select the Screen time tab on the left side, and move the slider of “Set limits for when my child can use devices” to On for enabling the feature.
* Then select the daily allowance and allowed times. You can pick up the Unlimited, block access all day, 30 mins, or other for from Sunday to Saturday, and then setup multiple screen time limits per day for your child on the Xbox One device.
Once your child runs out the maximum amount of time they can spend, you can enter your password on the same device to unlock and give he/she more screen time, without internet connection.
* If you want to disable the feature in the future, set the “Set limits for when my child can use devices.” option to Off.

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