Use Cortana without Kinect by 3.5mm microphone with Xbox One controller

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update applied on Xbox One, you can use more features familiar with doing on your computer like Cortana, run Netflix, Hulu, and Groove Music UWP apps. Cortana digital personal assistant replaces the legacy voice commands to make multitasking easier on the console. The feature requires Kinect sensor or a compatible headset microphone to issue commands.

However, if you get attach a game headset’s microphone to your wireless controller, speaking with Cortana function is also working without problem. You need to get a 3.5mm microphone which is jack add-ons used for smartphone and find the Mic Accessories on Amazon.

After you plug mini 3.5mm microphone into your controller, opens up voice commands for getting around your Xbox. For example, saying “Hey Cortana.” to trigger Cortana and then you are able to use any of Xbox-specific Cortana commands, such as Broadcast on Twitch, Take a screenshot, Record that, Invite (Gamertag or the real name) into a party, Send a message to somebody, Unsnap, Fast forward, Volume up/down, Open (app or game name) and more.
Note: Cortana is only available in the US and the UK currently

The solution works effectively and doesn’t let you use dedicated headset or Kinect Sensor. But it is still not perfect. Because you can not turn on/off your Xbox one or wake the controller by this way while the controller is not activated.

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