Xbox One S crashing Launch Games/Apps by see in store option

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, you are able to manage your games and apps from the newly refreshed My Games and Apps interface on your Xbox One S console. In the Manage game view, more app/game-related content you don’t already own are listing over there and you could just navigate to the item’s page in the app Store by selecting the “See in store” button. However, when I try to launch a video game which I do not own, it displays “See in store” message and select this option and then the console crashes.

A few people have reported that launching Games or Apps through “See in store” button causes the Xbox One S to crash. This is a known issue with the latest updates. To get it working well, the workaround is to perform a hard reset to clear the system cache completely but all your game data is preserved. This method can help you resolve most problem, such as some settings are reverted or can not log-in account.

* When the system is on, hold down the power button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds for power the device down.
* Unplug the thing from the wall, Wait for seconds plug it back, power it back on and the green start-up screen appears. That’s all.
Alternatively, another way is to perform a full shutdown. Open the Settings, go to POWER & STARTUP, change POWER MODE from Instant-On to Energy-saving, and choose “Turn Xbox off”. Then hold down the GUIDE button on the controller to power it back on then enable Instant-on again.

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