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Xbox One enable backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games

There is a big announcement pulled out by Microsoft. Xbox One add full Backwards Compatibility for Xbox 360 Games after Fall 2015, so users will be able to gain access to old Xbox 360 titles through digital download and your old retail discs, and also have early access to backwards compatibility for Microsoft’s home console. Developers and publishers can easily enable backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Continue reading

How to Transfer old Minecraft world data to Xbox One, PS4, or PS Vita

Minecraft is the popular sandbox indie game for letting users built structures by breaking and placing blocks. Many people have created worlds on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and now it is also available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with new features such as 36 times larger than the original version. Continue reading

Xbox One smartglass compatible games list

The companion application smartglass elevates your Xbox One entertainment experience by turning your Android/iOS smartphones or Windows 8/RT tablets as a second screen and remote controller. With it, users can easily view game statistics and activitie, and manage tv. However, just a few games have this unique functionality, and here is the smartglass supported apps. Continue reading

NBA 2k14 won’t recognize 2 Controllers to play local multiplayer

I and my brother can’t play NBA 2k14 game in two players model at home. Both controllers are working and are synced to the system as well as the lights are on. However, when we choose teams or sides, there is only one controller list there and no other player show up to decide which side to play. If I return back to the home screen, both of them can be used. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

COD Ghosts You must have an active network connection to play xbox live matches

The Call of Duty: Ghosts online actually worked fine for two months and now it is annoying that I keep getting inconsistent connection to Xbox Live with the video game. When I go to multiplayer and hit “xbox live”, the screen stays black for about 15 seconds and then shows the “You must have an active network connection to play xbox live matches” error message. But the Ghosts works well on my old Xbox 360 version. Continue reading

Co-op not working A Player Has Disconnected in Dead Rising 3

We have got the broken CO-OP problem and can’t play our multiplayer while playing the Dead Rising 3 video game on Xbox One. When I try to join people or someone try to join me, the Co-op just stopped working and show the error “A Player Has Disconnected” message. If I go to send an invite to each other, it takes about ten seconds and then fails to say “try again later”. Continue reading