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Best Xbox One kinect Fitness Games for Losing Weight

The Xbox One has a super sensitive Kinect 2.0 sensor and it can register a movement to move your character, even a slight change of a finger motion. Now you can try the following fitness Games to get more out of your Workout Routine. Exercise is a chore which you dread and can help you lose weight and reach your specific fitness goal. Continue reading

Best Xbox one driving/Racing Games in 2014

With the video game revolution, the simulation things have been developed for PC and many devices. It is very hard to describe the experienced when you get champion in racing titles. Like the previous model Xbox 360, the next-gen Xbox One also offers a lineup of racing games and now I pick up the best driving/racing games you can purchase for the new machines and play with maximum pleasures. Continue reading

Fix NBA 2K14 Stuck Loading issues on XBox one

NBA 2K14 is a basketball video game offering the wonderful experience for legions of sports fan and gamers in the world. I have purchased the digital version of NBA 2k14 and installed it on the next-gen Xbox One. Everything worked fine in my first career. When I select quick game and choose teams/confirm to load my career, the game just stuck at loading screen anymore and sometimes crashes. Now I can’t press any button to start the process. Continue reading

Best co-op Split Screen Xbox one Games

The Xbox one support more controllers simultaneously than PS4, and allows 8 controllers to be synced up to one console at any time. Many developers have created split screen version to let about eight people play on a console at once in the great platform. Are you wanting to know what are the best split-screen games for XBOX one? I would reccommend someone fro you to buy. Here is a list worth reading if you own Microsoft’s new console, no matter if they meet your needs or not. Continue reading

Best Xbox One Kinect Games list

The Xbox One console is designer for playing games with people all over the world, but it you have added the Kinect, you can use your body as the controller to play video games, and also chat with friends. Many developers have integrated the device into their games, and various studios and designers reveale lots of details. This is an incomplete list of released and announced Xbox One games that support or require the Kinect motion controller. Continue reading