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Working Xbox One keyboard shortcuts

The Xbox One isn’t just for playing games, and you can also use it as home entertainment center for doing a lot of things, such as watch tv shows, sports and other entertainment programming, use Windows 8.1 apps, and chat with your friends and family. To improve the experience for Non-Gamers and Gamers, Microsoft release two sets of updates. The February 11 give you the power to switch between tasks using voice commands, as well as the march firmware allows you to use the addition of the keyboard. Continue reading

Fix Xbox one Headset not working problem

I played my Xbox one for the first time in a week. However, when I tried to play MW2, I just discovered that my wired headset is not working at all. I didn’t turn down, the volume on its headset. The mic and mute light still worked, except that the “little green bubble” wouldn’t light up and nobody could hear what I said. I , turning off and on, checked my settings, and made a replacement with mics and it didn‘t take any effects. I noticed that a couple of my friends also have got the same problem. Continue reading