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How to enable Game Chat Transcription on Xbox One

The recent Windows updates bring some new features to Xbox One . To get a more accessible gaming experience while you are playing video game with multiple gamers, Microsoft rolls out the Game Chat Transcription to console and Windows 10 PC. It comes with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities and is available in Halo Wars 2 since now and here is how to tip for that. Continue reading

Use Cortana without Kinect by 3.5mm microphone with Xbox One controller

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update applied on Xbox One, you can use more features familiar with doing on your computer like Cortana, run Netflix, Hulu, and Groove Music UWP apps. Cortana digital personal assistant replaces the legacy voice commands to make multitasking easier on the console. The feature requires Kinect sensor or a compatible headset microphone to issue commands. Continue reading

How to create Looking for Group post to Xbox Live on Xbox One

Xbox One not only get addition to the new UI and Beam streaming, but also getting a Looking for Group feature in the latest updates. After doing online multiplayer matches based on personal preferences on Xbox Live, gamers can find your closest friends into a single session. If you would like to find other online teammates, try the method to create a post on Looking for Group board. Continue reading

Parental control setup screen time limits for child on Xbox One

Windows 10 Creators Update officially brings improvements and many new features to the Xbox One and Xbox One S platform, such as new Guide, Narrator, Beam game streaming, gameplay via Cortana and updated Parental control. To help child stay safer online, the Console has added the ability to limit screen time for Child in your Microsoft Family. Here is the tutorial for limiting your child in your Microsoft family to use Windows devices. Continue reading

How to setup broadcast games with Beam on Xbox One

With the Creators Update, users are able to stream your favorite games to Beam on Xbox One with the world or watch their streaming video,. Microsoft’s Beam service like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and make the console to add the ability to interact and play along together. Here is the guide for configuring and using Beam on Xbox One. Continue reading

How to create offline profile on Xbox One without email

I have bought an Xbox One to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and now my little boy also want to play Minecraft game. So I go to add a new profile, but it requires to add a new email address for the new Microsoft account. I only would like to have offline profile creation and earn offline achievements and it seems to be no option to do that. Continue reading

How to link/find Facebook friends on Xbox Live for Xbox One

With the Summer Update, users are able to link their Facebook account to Xbox Live account on Xbox One console and WIndows 10 PC. Once you’ve joined the party, it will display the Facebook friends who have also connected their accounts to the internet network, without manually search for their gamertag or name. Here is the how-to tips for that. Continue reading

Listen Google Play Music in background on Xbox One

After years of waiting, the Anniversary Update brings the ability to listen to your favorite music in the background when you are playing any video games on Xbox One console. Currently you can only use Cast, Pandora, or Microsoft’s Groove Music from the Windows Store to do that. Groove Music can play music from OneDrive stored files on your account, but you might would like to find a way with Google Play Music and here is the how to tutorial for that without rooting the device. Continue reading