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Fix Xbox One keep disconnecting from Xbox Live with Fifa/COD game

When I was playing the rainbow six siege situations on my Xbox One and tried to get all three stars, the console kept disconnecting from Xbox Live. It was frustrating that it got a connection, dropped 15 seconds later and repeated the way. I also lost connection to Xbox Live while playing GTA V, Fifa 15 and COD AW all online games and got those warning messages such as You have disconnected from X box Live, or You must have an active network connection to play Xbox Live or System Link matches. Continue reading

Xbox One kinect keeps disconnecting or turnning off during gameplay

After I installed the April preview updates on my Xbox one console and started playing FIFA 15, my Kinect became broken and kept disconnecting itself randomly. Some times it wokred fine but most of times I can’t play kinect games correctly and it flicker off immediately then cycled on/off, while the top right of the screen appeared a icon saying it is disconnected. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Fix Xbox One S 4K stream and HDR not working with netflix

I have a LG 49UF6490 Tv which supports HRD and 4K features and get an Xbox One S to grow a nice 4K Blueray Library. After I plugged it in and set it up then tried to to watch 4K movie in Netflix using built-in app, it just said I have HDR turned off so the BlueRays or Netflix will not show any 4K programming. I went through the home Menu and still could not find the HDR option. Now I am unable to get the 4K stream and HDR working with my new console. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

USB flash drive not recognized by Xbox One

My 128gb PNY external USB Thumb Drive stores a lot of movies and TV files and I have plugged it to my Xbox One and everything worked fine. However, I updated my console to the Preview Program, the Media Player device no longer recognized and the screen showed the error message “No Device Found – To get the most out of this app, connect a USB device.” How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Xbox One not tracking time played with games

I downloaded Microsoft’s New Xbox One Experience NXE and did the system update successfully. I played Elder Scrolls Online for two hours while connected to Xbox Live. However, I noticed that the game hub didn’t track “time played” and it just showed 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes. I got 50 minutes on Forza and it still hasn’t increased. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Xbox One buzzes and smokes problem

I played the Ryse: Son of Rome on my Xbox One last night and today. After 18 hours of gaming, I noticed that power supply was hot and I shutted off the console. When I turned it on for one second, it just had a amber light, buzzed, then started smoking with gray color through the top. Now the device is broken and I have to call support to get a replacement one. Continue reading

Xbox One cannot open app/game in instant-on mode

My Xbox One worked fine with the full power-down mode and now the console becomes unresponsive after I apply the November update on the device and change it to use the instant-on feature. Everytime I turn the machine on, it boots into Dashboard normally and sits at the main screen. It just allows to move the cursor point around and select options, but I am unable to open any app or game using either from wireless controllers, or from logitech remote, or from kinect voice control. Continue reading