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One guide wrong channels Time warner cable in Xbox One

I have setup Stream live TV TWC on my Xbox One and everything worked fine. After my TV provider Time Warner Cable rearranged their channel lineup on 3-13-2014, my One Guide showed the wrong channels obviously and still stayed at the original lineup. I went to clear its history in one guide but nothing was working. Trying voice command “Xbox, watch NBC” didn’t run to correct station number and only ran into the old channels. How to fix the issues? Continue reading

Connect Xbox One with TiVo DVR with HDMI cable

TiVo, Inc. has developed the TiVo digital video recorder (DVR) and is now allowing TV to pass through Xbox One. After set up Xbox One with the Tivo going through it and hook it up via a HDMI cable, Tivo doesn’t receivr an HDCP key back from the Xbox and I get a error message saying “HDMI connection not permitted”. Making a rest doesn’r fix the problem. Continue reading