Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K UHD with Xbox One S

I am able to use a Marantz 5010 AV Surround Receiver to upscale everything on my TV to 4K resolution, while the TV does not support 4K itself. When I get a band new Xbox One S and plugged the HDMI cable between the console and the receiver, the resolution is only up to 1080p, because I find the results in Video output by Settings > Display & Sound. I also could not get 4K in Advanced video settings, and it reports those error messages “Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K UHD (60Hz). Video output won’t be upsacaled to 4k”, or Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K at 50Hz. You won’t be able to watch content at 4K 24Hz if I try to watch 4k movie. Continue reading

Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 disconnect after Summer Update

The Windows 10 Xbox app offers a simple way to stream video games from Xbox One to your PC when both devices are on the same network, without taking your console away from the living room. I was able to stream and play our Xbox games on my laptop using a 5G N connection in the backyard well. However, after installed the Summer Update, the streaming game function keeps disconnecting. I can not get the connection longer than 60 second and get “We lost the connection to the console” error while I always still hear game audio. How can I resolve the problem?

I have used an Xbox One S via wired and a Surface 4 with Wi-Fi network. the stream kept dropping every 10 seconds or more after my console applied the Xbox One Summer Update. Updating the Xbox app definitely does not fixed the problem. To improve that, I unplug the Ethernet cable and set it up for Wireless. Then open the side bar menu on Xbox and select the restart and I could get get a good hour time for that. Continue reading

Xbox One S get 4K BluRays freezing/lagging issues

I have replaced my original Xbox One with the 1TB Xbox One S Madden bundle, so I could play 4K HDR Blu Rays on it with a 65 inch Samsung KS8000 HDTV. However, I kept getting many serious problems with Blu-Ray App. The first time it was correctly read then didn’t work at the second time. I purchased Star Trek (2009) which is HDR capabilities and played the movie to check testing and it was always hanging ups and lagging. That was mostly quick and sometimes it ran into major freeze with lots of 4K BluRays videos, particularly in HDR mode. Continue reading

Fix Xbox One Do you own this game or app error 0x87de07d1

I had played several games using disc with my Xbox One without any issues. For those days, I always dis-connect in various different video games and get dropped out with this error “Do you own this game or app? if you have a game disc, insert it now. if you purchased it online, make sure you are signed into Xbox live. if you do not have the rights to play it, you will need to get it at the Xbox store. (0x87de07d1) or Error code 0x803f8001″. Making the power cycle can get it fine but then that happen again. It is really annoying for that and offers a horrible experience. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Xbox app Teredo not obatined unable to qualify

I was able to Xbox PC app on my Windows 10 computer to chat with other Xbox live friends on PC without any problem. After I restart the device and try to open the app again, it just reports the network error “Teredo is unable to qualify”. I use the xbox live party right, and it also often disconnectes if I join or make a party under my name with message code :0x89231806 the teredo address not obtained. I have to reinstall Teredo every time so I could use the PC app. Anybody find a way to resolve it? Continue reading

How to create offline profile on Xbox One without email

I have bought an Xbox One to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and now my little boy also want to play Minecraft game. So I go to add a new profile, but it requires to add a new email address for the new Microsoft account. I only would like to have offline profile creation and earn offline achievements and it seems to be no option to do that. Continue reading

Xbox one change gamertags it was unavailable error

I don’t want to use the current gamertags and would like to change it to a particular one which I search for on without any kind of results showed up. However, when I tried to apply it and check availability, it said that it was unavailable yet. I called Xbox support and could not get help with this. It seem that such Gamertag was retired likely. Continue reading

How to link/find Facebook friends on Xbox Live for Xbox One

With the Summer Update, users are able to link their Facebook account to Xbox Live account on Xbox One console and WIndows 10 PC. Once you’ve joined the party, it will display the Facebook friends who have also connected their accounts to the internet network, without manually search for their gamertag or name. Here is the how-to tips for that. Continue reading

Best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player Xbox One S or Samsung UBD-K8500

4K HDTV delivers high dynamic range
and it is perfect to splash some 4K movies across that screen with your friends and family. However, the Netflix, Amazon Video, and Vudu offer some 4K content video-streaming services, so you need to have super-fast download speeds from your ISP. If you would like to have best possible picture from your TV in home media and are also interested in 4K Blu-ray films, you should consider an 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and here is the side-by-side guide to pick up the right one. Continue reading

Fix Xbox One keep disconnecting from Xbox Live with Fifa/COD game

When I was playing the rainbow six siege situations on my Xbox One and tried to get all three stars, the console kept disconnecting from Xbox Live. It was frustrating that it got a connection, dropped 15 seconds later and repeated the way. I also lost connection to Xbox Live while playing GTA V, Fifa 15 and COD AW all online games and got those warning messages such as You have disconnected from X box Live, or You must have an active network connection to play Xbox Live or System Link matches. Continue reading