Listen Google Play Music in background on Xbox One

After years of waiting, the Anniversary Update brings the ability to listen to your favorite music in the background when you are playing any video games on Xbox One console. Currently you can only use Cast, Pandora, or Microsoft’s Groove Music from the Windows Store to do that. Groove Music can play music from OneDrive stored files on your account, but you might would like to find a way with Google Play Music and here is the how to tutorial for that without rooting the device. Continue reading

Browse/stream smb media shared files from PC to Xbox One

I have setup SMB to share 1080p mkv mp4 m2ts files in my Windows 8 computer which is in separate room from HDTV and console. I would like to access and stream the shared files on Xbox One and add it to the hub of my home entertainment but can not find a way to browse them. The dlna type app Plex is an acceptable alternative, but requires conversion and transcoding and that lost the video quality. With the capable of playing Blu-ray and streaming Netflix, the Xbox one seems to lack of access media file via smb. Continue reading

How to stream Xbox One games to Oculus Rift in Windows 10

As a virtual reality system, the Oculus Rift immerses you inside 3D virtual worlds completely. Now Microsoft originally announced that Oculus Rift gets Xbox One game streaming and Rift owners are able to stream their console library to Rift in Windows 10. Here are hte how-to tips for streaming and playing Xbox One games in front of a huge virtual display. Continue reading

Xbox One kinect keeps disconnecting or turnning off during gameplay

After I installed the April preview updates on my Xbox one console and started playing FIFA 15, my Kinect became broken and kept disconnecting itself randomly. Some times it wokred fine but most of times I can’t play kinect games correctly and it flicker off immediately then cycled on/off, while the top right of the screen appeared a icon saying it is disconnected. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

How To Turn Off Narrator voice talking in Xbox One

Everything worked fine since the recent update had applied on my Xbox One console. The system keep saying everything which I select through dashboard aloud while navigated. It was incredibly annoying and randomly started doing it. Somebody talk me it is Narrator function that is a screen reader for reading text, buttons, and other elements but I could not figure out how to disable annoying voice commentating settings. Continue reading

How to play background music and audio on Xbox One

The latest system update called Summer Update brings many new features to Xbox One console, such as Cortana, Improved Game Collection and more. Background Music is the highly requested feature and offers a way for you to listen to your favorite music in the background while playing video game. I always want to play a movie with background music paying instead of the movie soundtrack, and it is perfect. Continue reading