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Use Cortana without Kinect by 3.5mm microphone with Xbox One controller

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update applied on Xbox One, you can use more features familiar with doing on your computer like Cortana, run Netflix, Hulu, and Groove Music UWP apps. Cortana digital personal assistant replaces the legacy voice commands to make multitasking easier on the console. The feature requires Kinect sensor or a compatible headset microphone to issue commands. Continue reading

Best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player Xbox One S or Samsung UBD-K8500

4K HDTV delivers high dynamic range
and it is perfect to splash some 4K movies across that screen with your friends and family. However, the Netflix, Amazon Video, and Vudu offer some 4K content video-streaming services, so you need to have super-fast download speeds from your ISP. If you would like to have best possible picture from your TV in home media and are also interested in 4K Blu-ray films, you should consider an 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and here is the side-by-side guide to pick up the right one. Continue reading

Top/Best External USB Hard Drive for Xbox One S

The Xbox One S include 500 GB, 1 TB and even 2 TB options of internal space, but you might keep running into storage issues. The video games become more complex and large sizes for downloads, so installed apps and games in the console will fill up that storage quickly. To resolve it, you could try to use External USB Hard drive to add some more storage. Continue reading

Recommended USB hub/splitter work with Xbox One S

I just got my Xbox One S for playing the 4k video game and it doesn’t have more USB ports foe me. Now I would like to buy a USB hub or splitter to connect the console with those devices, including my external HDD, Turtle Beach Elite 800x headset and one for the charging cable to charge my controllers. For those who picked up this new device, can you invest in a USB hub to use adapter or do others, and if that is easy to set up to get it working? Continue reading

Over-the-Air Digital TV Tuner Watch live TV on Xbox One

The Xbox One device combines video games, linear TV, and streaming video and is integrated with your over-the-air TV tuner. cable cutters are able to watch over-the-air broadcasts such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox through the console in your living room. I purchased the Hauppauge digital TV tuner which is a compatible OTA TV tuner and here is the review of the product. Continue reading

Best/Cleanest PlayStation 4 Wall Mount and bracket

My 8 month old always try to pull my PlayStation 4 down whenever he could, so I am looking for a gamer invents cool solution to protect it. Finally I notice that the Wall Mount/bracket is the best choice. The accessory acts as security locking device and help you resolve the ran out of space problem. You could created a custom DIY one or use the following products available in the market, which are designed to hold and display the console in its vertical orientation. Continue reading

How to open Xbox One controller with T8 screwdriver

If you would like to open a Xbox One Wireless Controller up, whether to fix it or DIY mod it to perform actions in the video games with greater ease, it is a bit tricky but still requires some basic tools for taking it apart. The step by step article below will teach you how to disassemble and reassemble with a special screwdriver set. Continue reading

ConsoleTuner Rapid fire controller for Xbox One/360, PS4/PS3

Modded and custom Controllers can perform actions in video games with greater ease on Xbox One/360, PlayStation 4 and PS3. For examples, the adjustable Rapid Fire offers the way to tune a weapon’s rate of fire in first or third person shooter. Many users would like to get one and the ConsoleTuner Titan One adapter could turn any cross-over controller into such accessory without required modding. Continue reading