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Manage your children/kids’ screen time on Xbox One and TV

A second grader always reliant on the computer for homework and projects and many parents are looking for ways to monitor screen and Xbox one or PS4 game time online. There are lots of parental control accessories for manage your children’s screen time, so your child can take more time to read and engage in active play. Continue reading

How to Transfer old Minecraft world data to Xbox One, PS4, or PS Vita

Minecraft is the popular sandbox indie game for letting users built structures by breaking and placing blocks. Many people have created worlds on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and now it is also available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with new features such as 36 times larger than the original version. Continue reading

Best 7.1 Surround Sound gaming Headsets for Xbox One, PS4/PS3

If you would like to increase the immersion of gaming experience, the good choice is to use virtual Surround sound gaming headset. The 7.1 models just emulate spatial effects from a 5.1 surround signal and none supports real 7.1 surround, but competitive gamers require to get an even more intimate audio experience. Now we pick up the product for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and they should be also compatible with Xbox One and 360. Continue reading

Best external solid state drives SSDs for Xbox One Gaming

With the latest system update, you are able to use the different types of USB 3.0 drives of manufacturers and models as an external drive for Xbox One to store more movie and games. The external SSD (solid state drive) isn’t really affordable than a regular HHD, but it improves the loading up times with better performance. Continue reading

Xbox One smartglass compatible games list

The companion application smartglass elevates your Xbox One entertainment experience by turning your Android/iOS smartphones or Windows 8/RT tablets as a second screen and remote controller. With it, users can easily view game statistics and activitie, and manage tv. However, just a few games have this unique functionality, and here is the smartglass supported apps. Continue reading

Best desktop DLNA Certified NAS media servers for Xbox One

With August’s system update, the Microsoft Xbox One gets the USB Media Playback, Plus DLNA Support, Boot-to-TV Option, Live TV mini guide and more new features. That means the gaming console can find content on your network and retrieve those files on your DLNA-compatible media server, so you are able to play and stream videos and music to Xbox One via your NAS home media servers. Continue reading

Best USB 3.0 Thumb/flash Drive external storages for Xbox One

The August 2014 system updates give the all-in-one entertainment Xbox One many new features, such as DLNA Support, Media Player app, USB Media Playback support, Snap function and more. So you are able to access and play your own media files like MKVs, MP3s and MP4s onto Xbox One console via a USB memory stick. Good for users who don’t want to subscribers of ESPN or Netflix. Continue reading

ElGato Game Capture HD60 vs HD comparison

Elgato has released two consumer-level game capture gadgets: it’s next-generation HD60 and the original HD models. Two devices allow users to record video output from the gaming consoles and PC/Mac computers. With hitting the record button, both of them can save your finest gaming moments and share the video to social networking sites like Facebook, but they still have the different features. Continue reading

Wireless Booster WiFi Range Extenders for Xbox One and PS4

My wireless router located in the room is farthest from my Xbox One console so the signal doesn’t reach every corner of my home and I keep getting the slow streaming capabilities. To resolve the problem, I notice that a WiFi booster plugging into an outlet can improve the current wireless network’s signal strength and increase the range significantly. Continue reading

Xbox One and PS4 Home Theater gaming Projector Recommended

The Xbox One/360 and PS 4 offer lots of streaming movie and TV services, and you can furnish your big living room with a big HDTV to watch 3D Blu-ray movies and play video games. However, the 60-65-inch HDTVs are very expensive and finally I pick up the gaming Home Theater Projector to project a 100-inch diagonal image easily. Continue reading